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About Us?

Now you’ve really Scrolled Around and Found Out. But what you Found Out just led to more questions. Hey, that's how a lot of good stories start off, right? A cascade of effects from the Curiosity Cause.  Now you're wondering About Us.

First off, if you wanna know About Us, you aren’t gonna find it in the About Us section (that’s how they getcha), but we will generously suggest asking another question entirely –  and furthermore, if you reckon one can simply define the Vibrant Crimes from a text block out here on the Bright Web, you’re holding up the wrong stagecoach, bandito!

But hey, since you couldn't help but get yourself involved, and now we’ve both gotta stay put right here real quiet-like, at least until the getaway Glow-Kart shows up, I’ll clue you in on a few basics. Like, what you REALLY wanna know. What's in it for ME? Now, that's a good question.

Answering that means we're talking about the Art of the Vibrant Crimes – that’s what's landed you here, right? We've already concluded that the results aren't a thing to nail down on their own. We can't just make a Vibrant Crime, but there IS a HOW.

The Art is not a simple act of making, but more about the techniques of breaking, so that's What We Do. We finesse our techniques in diverse spectra of edgeless results where timelessness is topical and honesty is subversive. Sound like something you'd diplomatically call abstract? Sure it is! Now, let’s be realistic.

The Vibrant Crimes, that's what's in it for YOU. A Crime you can GET, one you can HAVE, a forbidden Act you can OWN. The result without the doing.

What We Do. That's not About Us. It’s about our Customers - The Accessories. The Audience. Surely you’d be the first to agree – our Audience’s taste is broadly specific in cold, hard crime-as-commodity-as-cash that can only be enjoyed and appreciated through total liquidity! But ok, if nobody's getting hurt, then what’s with all the fuzz? Oh!  Here's our Glow-Kart. Get in.

So listen. What's so illicit? Let's take our Audience, for example. Let's take YOU, for example! No matter who, where, what or when you are, the honest truth is that when you peek into that mind of yours, without the thinnest veneer of culturally specific field training, your thoughts about yourself and others are irredeemable. Now let's add a peek into the minds of everyone else - The things they think about, what they want, why they do the things they do.

Everyone is a criminal to each other - even though they may not realize it. The Vibrant Crimes are what you get when you pull that truth out, give it form, make what's real but hidden into something real that can be SEEN.

So, you get the picture - if you WANT to get the picture - and you get it RIGHT HERE of course! Vibrant Crime Arts are What We Do. But enough About Us! We've arrived. 

Look out there, see that? - That's your Turf if you want it, you reprobate!

The Files

Our Featured Serial Artist

L.H. Zimmermann

Here's our very first Artist to commit a Vibrant Crime - The featured works here, they're her doing!

Now, L.H. Zimmermann was an artist before she discovered The Vibrant Crime Arts. Art was a constant in her life for years - but she led a different life with different means to different ends. For instance, she's got a Master's in Accounting - how about that for contrast?

The arts almost slipped away at one point in her life, while tragedies slipped in - frequent and many. But they did not triumph. By chance, she married this one guy who admired the art she'd done - he got her some art supplies and told her she needed to regain her creative outlet. Maybe it would help to distract from grief.

But things are not so simple, and nothing happened right away. Two years went by before those gifts were touched, but then one day they were, and things changed very quickly.

Maybe it was growing up reading and watching horror, or a love of pictures, specifically portraits, which she never stopped taking - constantly. Her beloved mannequins and creepy dolls, and the furry critters. Living in a strange, and hostile world, developing dark humor - or a mix of these things with grief that pushed her to explore without conventional boundaries or in conventional places, using conventional methods.

But at some point, a threshold was crossed and The Arts emerged, bringing Vibrant Crimes to the world. And now, she will never be, and cannot be stopped.

Featured Support Staff Member

Our Human Resource

R.T. Zimmermann

R.T. Zimmermann is that one guy L.H. Zimmermann married.

He is on this site because of his support role. He is also a creative person in other media - which will be featured here if it meets the criteria for the Arts of the Vibrant Crime.

Until then, he sure is a helpy henchman, completing tasks -albeit very slowly, and also frequently offering both unsolicited advice and infrequently assistive attempts to do things L.H. Zimmermann needs to perform her critical duties.

A peek into our crimes.

Favorite oddities.

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