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Curious about Commissions?


Thank you for considering Vibrant Crime Arts for your commissioned criminal needs.  If you are interested in premeditating a commissioned work, the below explains the process from cradle to grave.

Phase One: Criminal Contact

  • Step one is to contact us!  You can send us a message through our Contact Page.  Note: this counts as "Premeditation".
  • On our Contact Page you can upload an image you'd like us to work from.  We specialize in people (or mannequins, we love those) and creature portraits. Mug shots are of course, a given.
  • In your criminal correspondence, inform us of the style of Vibrant Crime you're looking for.  Is there an aesthetic from one of our pieces that calls to you? Some other irreverent reference?  It'll gauge what kind of dirty work you need, and the sentence that might get us if we don't buy the judge.
  • If you have other expectations of note, supply those also - no need to be shy at THIS stage, is it?
  • We'll try to hit you back within 24 to 48 hours to discuss the grisly details. 

Phase Two: Disclosing Evidence

  • After we receive your image and discuss a sordid style for the commission, we will manipulate you, uh...your image rather, within your requested parameters to create a digital artwork of your photo.
  • This, in itself is a creative process for us, and the Vibrance of the crime -  First we steal the source, digitally corrupt it...
  • Then send the image back to you for approval.
  • Now, we TRY to create a digital defacement that you'll love the first go around - but sometimes it may not quite be the violation you envisioned. In that case, you may request we take another digital pass if Plan A is a no-go. Give some additional salacious advice or reference - the FIRST one's free!

Phase Three: Contracting the Hit:

  • After you approve the digitally rendered piece, we move onto the contract phase.  Please click on our Commission Contract to review our policies, procedures, and guidelines, as well as an example of what you'll be signing up for.  If you have any questions about the contract, please send us a message through our Contact Page to get things squared.
  • Meanwhile, we'll threaten our Legal Counsel to draft the Contract by deadline (yes, we pay them handsomely since we work them so hard it's ...criminal), which stipulates shenanigans soon to be afoot - like the media, size, options, and timeline for the crime to commence and complete...and of course, what would our Contract be without the Vibrant Price?
  • We'll get that to you by whichever means necessary for your completion and signature.  You'll return the Contract to us through the Contact Page.
  • That in hand, we'll make a listing for your Commissioned Crime as a private Product, and send you the link.
  • Follow it to your bespoke and morally bereft Commissioned Crime, where you can "pull the trigger", so to speak.

Phase Four: We Do What We Do Best

  • Once we're Commissioned, our Activities will commence on the estimated start date. If - for any unlikely, unforeseen reason - a delay is expected on our part, we will contact you and discuss options.
  • Otherwise, it's Vibrant Crime Time! We'll Commit and your Plunder will be succinctly smuggled - insured for full value. We'll share tracking information.
  • Together we bask in the beauty of a Crime Vibrantly Committed.

We love what we do and strive to show that in every commissioned crime!  If you have any questions after reading this and the Commissioned Art Contract, please don't hesitate to Contact us!



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