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by Vibrant Crime Arts

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Autonomy, an original acrylic painting measuring 40" x 20" with a gallery depth of 1.5".  In the The Antichrome collection. 

I believe my intentions for this painting are rather apparent.  This piece was created using minimalist art techniques.  I left the canvas background blank using black paint for the subject.  I used the minimalist technique for this painting because I didn’t want any bright colors deflecting the seriousness and meaning behind this work.  The painting techinques, although simplistic, create a painting that speaks volumes.  

Key Features:

  • Acrylic painting titled Autonomy, part of the The Antichrome collection.
  • Depicts a woman holding a wire coat hanger, symbolizing pro-choice advocacy.
  • Monochromatic palette enhances emotional impact and gravity.
  • A tribute to the strength and resilience of women throughout history.
  • Painting size of 40" x 20" with a gallery depth of 1.5". 
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