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Apocalypse Beach

by Vibrant Crime Arts

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Apocalypse Beach, an original acrylic painting measuring 16" x 20" with 3/4" depth.  Part of the Prohibited Pop! collection.

This painting is technically a mistake!  When I first started painting again, I asked people to send me some of their favorite photos of themselves or their families so I could practice more on portraits which I love doing.  I usually digital alter the photos using different filters and/or layers to create a modern color scheme or style.  I then use that digital work to start my paintings. 

What started out as a uniquely rendered photo of a beautiful family on the beach slowly became a nightmare scene.  The colors and shadows I painted created an entirely unsettling portrait. 

Even though I did not capture the beauty of the original photo, I fell in love with what I had created.  My anxieties of real-world issues bled through into this art, and I believe it has a very powerful message.

Key Features:

  • Acrylic painting titled Apocalypse Beach.
  • Part of the evocative Prohibited Pop! collection.
  • Size: 16" x 20" with a 3/4" depth.
  • Depicts a mother and her daughters on a beach.
  • Striking colors including green, blue, black, and fluorescent pink.
  • Evokes a sense of urgency and reflection about global warming

Framing options available upon request.  Please note that the listed price does not include framing.

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