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Anomalous Identity

by Vibrant Crime Arts

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Anomalous Identity, an original acrylic painting measuring 18" x 24" with 3/4" depth.  Part of the Prohibited Pop! collection. 

AS with many of my pieces, I used a mannequin as my subject.  This style of mannequin, the egg-head, is perfect for creating a captivating and eerie mood.  But since I also have a love of the pop-art and ben-day dot styles, I combined the two to create this colorful, yet chilling painting.

Key Features:

  • Original acrylic painting titled Anomalous Identity.
  • Featureless man rendered in rich black with blue and yellow reflections.
  • Background features a spectrum of reds, pinks, yellows, and blues.
  • Combines pop art style and ben-day dot techniques.
  • Part of the Prohibited Pop! collection.
  • Symbolizes the disconnect amidst a technologically connected world.
  • Challenges perceptions of human connections and individuality.
  • Framing options available upon request.  Price listed does not include framing.

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