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Ambiguous Allure

by Vibrant Crime Arts

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Ambiguous Allure, an original acrylic painting measuring 40" x 20" with 1.5" depth. Part of the Prohibited Pop! collection.

Deep blue and black acrylic paint, with  yellow reflections. A darker take on pop-art and Ben-Day dots technique.

Ambiguous Allure was created with a love of pop-art and benday dot techniques combined with the dark and strange.  I love the contradiction of using pop-art techniques with weirdly dark and atmospheric themes. 

Key Features:

  • Acrylic painting titled Ambiguous Allure.
  • Part of the captivating Prohibited Pop! collection.
  • Size: 40" x 20" with a 1.5" depth.
  • Depicts a faceless mannequin woman in blue and black, accented with yellow reflections.
  • Unique pop art style with darker undertones.
  • Background of black and gray with pop art dots.
  • An exploration of ambiguity and perception.

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