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Acrobatic Duad

by Vibrant Crime Arts

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Acrobatic Duad, two original acrylic paintings measuring 16" x 20" with 3/4" depth on black canvas.  Contrasting depths of femininity.  Strength in vulnerability and mystery in simplicity. Part of The Antichrome collection.  

These two pieces are earlier works that were created during a period when I wanted to try minimalist paintings.  Instead of going the comfortable route of completely utilizing every square inch of my canvases, I instead opted to use the blank canvas as part of the art.  I wanted out of my comfort zone and I was curious if the creation would feel completed without painting the entire canvas.    

For the Acrobatic Duad, I took photos of one of my mannequins and then digitally altered the photos to an inverted black and white palette.  The photos were then the starting point for these two paintings.  I only used white acrylic paint and did not paint any of the background.  The white paint stood out so brightly on the black matte canvases.  I loved the effect and realized I could venture out of my comfort zone to create works that I both enjoyed and that were unique in their simplicity.

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