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It's Vibrant Crime Story Time!

The Queries of the Ancients

LONG AGO, before any of this <gestures broadly> was here, the FAQ existed. Yet, it did not exist in the way we know it today. The FAQ stood for Frequently Asked Questions, because it was comprised of questions that were - quite literally, frequently asked, by customers and users. Those who frequently answered those frequently asked questions grew weary of answering the same questions so frequently. Thus, a list of those questions and answers was compiled and displayed prominently to save everyone time.  It kind of worked, sort of. Who knows, that was Long Ago.


Nowadays, the FAQ mostly contains questions someone thinks customers and users might ask. It kind of works, sort of. Does Vibrant Crime Arts have a FAQ? Of COURSE we do, but ours is much better and more accurately defined as Figuratively Anticipated Questions. You can't get away with all these Vibrant Crimes without being notoriously clever.

In fact, we've already figuratively anticipated one of your questions.

We all know what an FAQ is now, thanks! What is an FQA, then?

Well, our FAQ is amazing, of course, but it is not designed to address a critical gap - the various Fundamentally Questionable Answers. Here we will address our factually unjustifiable statements and claims - a real time saver!


We would absolutely love to work with you on a commissioned piece. We offer one of a kind, modern paintings.

Information about having a commissioned piece completed can be found on our Commissioned Work page.

You can also contact us to discuss the commission and upload a photo that you would like us to work off of.

Our Commissioned Art policies can also be found in our Terms of Service under section 22.

  • Original acrylic paintings offered on our website will be shipped within 5 to 7 business days unless otherwise stated.
  • Commissioned works are a case by case basis and will depend on where the commissioned piece falls in the queue and the complexity of work.
  • Canvas prints have an estimated delivery date of 5 to 7 business days.
  • Metal Prints have an estimated delivery date of 5 to 7 business days.

Additional information can be found on our shipping policy page. to your shipping policy.

Please choose your artwork carefully as we do not accept returns on any original paintings or commission pieces. All items are final sale. 

Additional information can be found on our Return Policy page.

All artworks and prints displayed on this website, including but not limited to paintings, digital reproductions, and any related content, are the intellectual property of Vibrant Crime Arts and its respective artist, L.H. Zimmermann.

  • Ownership and Usage Rights- Copyright Protection: All artworks and their reproductions on this website are protected by copyright laws. Vibrant Crime Arts and L.H. Zimmermann retain full copyright ownership of these works.
  • Downloading and Personal Use- You may not download, copy, or otherwise reproduce images of our artworks from this website for any purpose, including personal, non-commercial use.
  • Commissioned Works- For artworks commissioned from Vibrant Crime Arts, the copyright ownership remains with Vibrant Crime Arts and its respective artist, L.H. Zimmermann. Clients who commission artworks will receive a license to use the commissioned piece for personal purposes only, and any commercial use, reproduction, distribution, or adaptation of commissioned works is strictly prohibited without prior written consent from Vibrant Crime Arts.
  • Trademark Usage- Any trademarks, logos, or branding used on this website are the exclusive property of Vibrant Crime Arts and may not be used, downloaded, or reproduced for personal or commercial purposes without prior written consent from Vibrant Crime Arts.
  • Unauthorized Usage- Unauthorized use of our artworks, trademarks, or any commercial reproduction, distribution, or adaptation may result in legal action in accordance with applicable copyright and trademark laws.
  • Permission and Inquiries- For inquiries regarding the use of our artworks, trademarks, licensing, commissioned works, or any other permissions, please contact us at L.H. Zimmermann.

By using this website, you acknowledge and agree to abide by these copyright and trademark terms and conditions. Vibrant Crime Arts and L.H. Zimmermann reserve the right to modify or update this copyright disclaimer as necessary.

This copywrite disclaimer can be found on our Terms of Service page under section 21.


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