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Alien Luminescence

by Vibrant Crime Arts

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Alien Luminescence, an original acrylic painting, measuring 30" x 15" and a 1/2" depth.  Part of the Prison Moon collection.

Alien Luminescence is a creation that combines my love of the weird and strange mixed with bright color combinations.  I use many different types of mannequins and mannequin busts in my art because I love bringing the lifeless to life.  The bust I used was purchased at a small vinatge shop in Nashville, TN.  She's technically a piggy bank but has been proudly displayed in my home in many different forms. 

I started this work by taking various photos of her that I then digitally altered with layers and filters.  I then used this digital image as a basis for my painting. 

She's weird and otherworldly, but she's a beautifully bright and colorful piece that is the foundation for my Prison Moon  collection.

Key Features:

  • Original acrylic painting titled Alien Luminescence.
  • Dimensions of 30" x 15" with a 1/2" depth.
  • A captivating fusion of pop art and alien aesthetics.
  • Features an enigmatic female head and neck with elongated eyes.
  • Fluorescent red face with black Ben-Day dots for shadows and fluorescent yellow highlights.
  • Background adorned with dark blues, fluorescent blues, and Ben-Day-inspired dots in vibrant hues.
  • Fluorescent paints are black light reactive, adding a touch of luminosity to the artwork.
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